Social Networks Autoposter (SNAP) Addons – Multi-Account and Multi-User

SNAP Multi-Account Addon

Would you like to auto-post or import from more then one social media account?

SNAP Multi-Account addon allows you to add unlimited number of connections and accounts to auto-post or auto-import.

SNAP Multi-User Addon

1. Every registered user can setup his/her own set of connections and accounts.

2. Full support for WordPress Multisite Network. Every site can have its own connections and accounts. Network Admin can allow/disallow sites.

Social Networks Autoposter (SNAP) Addons – Extra Features

Scheduled and Delayed Posting

This addon adds an ability to either delay your autoposts for specified time or set an exact time when autopost should be made..


Your server IP is blocked or in the wrong country? Use your favorite proxy server to make autoposts. 

Social Networks Autoposter (SNAP) Addons – API

Premium API

Premium API adds an ability to autopost to networks without free native API or with limited native API such as Pinterest, Reddit, Xing, Google My Business, etc 

Social Networks Autoposter (SNAP) Addons – Import

Automated Content Importer

Posting to social media is easy and convenient. Automated Social Media Content Importer will grab whatever you post on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc… accounts and import it to your website.

Coming Soon...

Comments Importer

Get comments/replies from your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube posts and import them as comments to your website posts. Plugin could mix it with regular WP Comments or keep them separately. 

Coming Soon...

Social Networks Autoposter (SNAP) Addons – Video

Video importer/Autoposter

Import videos from YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

Auto-post videos to YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

Coming Soon...

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